why vote katherine for circuit judge

Proven Track Record of Standing Up for Southern Illinois Values

Katherine standing up against unfair taxes

Katherine has been a zealous advocate of standing up for "We the People"... who are often quickly forgotten in Illinois government.   She's not afraid to stand up for what's right, challenge the status quo, and has demonstrated this repeatedly.

From challenging the entrenched twenty-plus year incumbent, Senate Majority Leader Sen. James Clayborne to protesting unfair taxes, Katherine stands up for us and our community.  

Community Leader


Katherine believes that everyone in our community has rights that shouldn't be infringed upon.  She works diligently to uphold these rights.  Katherine serves as a voice for many oft-overlooked populations (e.g. seniors, veterans, children, and people with special needs). In her work as a senior legal advocate, she has fought to protect seniors from financial exploitation, physical abuse, and negligence.  She regularly represents seniors to help protect their assets from nursing home spend down.

Katherine also represents veterans, at no cost, to make sure they obtain the VA benefits that they are entitled to.  In some cases, she serves as guardian for those veterans who have no family to care for them.

Thirty Years of Financial and Legal Experience

Licensed to practice since 2003, Katherine litigates trials (representing both plaintiffs and defendants) and practices in a wide variety of areas, including: administrative law, government law, contract law, business associations, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, family law, debtor protection, estate planning, probate administration, and real estate transactions, among others.  She is licensed to practice in Missouri and Illinois, and practices from her Belleville, Illinois law office on West Main Street.

Katherine has thirty years of experience in the financial and legal industries.  She has owned and operated multiple successful small businesses and was a management consultant for Fortune 500 Companies.

Community Advocate

Katherine advocates for accountable and transparent government, and believes that too many elected public officials have lost sight of who they are ultimately reporting to - which is us, "We the People".   You will often find Katherine knocking on doors and participating in other events to provide information with regard to both local and national issues.  Prior to becoming a judicial candidate, Katherine served as a Republican Precinct Committeeman.  In this role Katherine worked diligently to work with other citizens and organizations in order to help make our laws more fair and just, and keep the entrenched politicians from losing sight of the reason that they hold office.

Public Service Commitment

Katherine believes that it's our duty to serve others and has demonstrated this principle from early on.  As a law school student Katherine was a nonpaid volunteer who taught inner city public school students  to respect the law through legal and civics education, has served as a Court Appointed Special  Advocate (CASA), serves as a legal resource for AARP and other senior groups to protect the rights of seniors and people with disabilities, and is working on her tenth year as a VA accredited attorney to advocate for veterans.

Katherine recently completed her term of elected Village of Swansea Trustee.    In her role as trustee she dealt regularly with the review and amendment of Village contracts and agreements, union negotiations and resulting contracts, Village litigation issues, Village debt servicing, legal issues related to personnel and independent contractors, and overall Village administration.   

Community Involvement

Katherine is actively involved in her community and believes that community is much more than a defined geographical area on a map.  Katherine believes that a community is the relationship we have with others and our feelings about one another.   She believes that we all have a duty to reach out and help our neighbor.  Katherine believes that the Twentieth Judicial Circuit Court has a tenuous relationship with our community and this needs to improve.  If elected, Katherine will work diligently to encourage community dialogue with the Twentieth Judicial Circuit, improve the Court's relationship with our community, and make the Court more fair and just for all who appear there.